VIP programs winnings
Indian Casino News 12-10-2021

Casino VIP Programs and Loyalty Schemes

When playing at online casinos, you can get a lot of perks that you wouldn’t get at land-based casinos. This of course includes welcome bonuses and fun promotions, but many online casinos will also reward you for your loyalty. Thanks to various VIP programs and loyalty schemes, you can get unique perks from being an […]

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Card games and dices
Indian Casino News 12-08-2021

Popular Casino Card Games

Card games can be played for fun with friends or alone. But did you know that they also play an important role in the game selection at casinos? With online card games, you can play for fun or bet to win real money all from the comfort of your home. Learn more about some of […]

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how to play poker
Indian Casino News 15-05-2021

How to Play Poker

Poker is a type of card game that combines luck and skill. As you learn the rules and hands of the game, you can improve your tactics and potentially end up with very high tournament payouts. Today, poker games and tournaments can be accessed with just the click of a button. Here we go through […]

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How to Get Free Chips in Teen Patti
Indian Casino News 10-02-2021

How to Get Free Chips in Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a very popular card game that is being offered on more and more online casinos. In fact, you can now find both computer-generated and live casino versions of Teen Patti at most Indian online casinos. And what’s even better is that you can get free chips in Teen Patti to play it […]

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earn money by playing games online
Indian Casino News 12-01-2021

How You Can Earn Money by Playing Games Online

For most people, playing online is just all fun and games. But for some lucky winners – or dedicated players – there is a huge payout at the end of the game. From smaller sums to large jackpots, there are several ways to earn money by playing games. Let us walk you through some of […]

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safe deposit methods in indian online casinos
Indian Casino News 27-10-2020

Safe Deposits in Online Casinos in India

As I’ve been testing and playing at many online casinos, I found that depositing might be an issue. Here’s a quick guide to understanding a bit more about Safe Deposits & Online Casinos When playing real money games at the online casinos, you will need to deposit money in order to place the bets. Maybe […]

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Is 1xbet legal in India
Indian Casino News 11-08-2020

Is 1XBet Legal in India?

1XBet is a sportsbook and online casino provider offering a huge selection of games to play and sports to bet on. The casino has amazingly 60 different country selections available on the website, one of which being India. However, is 1XBet Legal in India? The brand actually has a .in domain as an Indian online […]

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How has the Coronavirus affected gambling in India
Indian Casino News 17-06-2020

How has the Coronavirus affected gambling in India?

The global pandemic has affected industries across the globe as lockdowns have been put in place. Even the casino industry has been affected by this, with the closure of landbased casinos. But it is not all negative: With the closure, more players have found their way online to keep gambling. Here we give an update […]

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Is LeoVegas Legal in India
Indian Casino News 18-04-2020

Is LeoVegas Legal in India?

LeoVegas is an award-winning casino that people from all around the world has heard of. But luckily it is not a casino you can see but not touch – with more than 10 markets available from the website, you can enjoy the Indian version of is, of course, available to players all over […]

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Indian Casino News 17-04-2020

Is Royal Panda Legal in India?

While some online casinos have restrictions in place that restricts players from certain countries such as India to play on their site, Royal Panda is luckily not one of them! At, players from India who are looking for a fun and safe casino can sign up and start playing. The Indian version of Royal […]

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