Cricket Betting Sites in India

With cricket betting, IPL and other cricket leagues become so much more fun, thanks to the added chance to win money on the games. In this cricket betting guide we will introduce you to how cricket betting online works and how you can get started at some of the best betting sites or cricket betting apps in India.

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Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket betting is the act of placing bets on the outcome of cricket matches with IPL betting or other leagues. With cricket betting online, this can be done directly from your laptop or phone. This means players no longer have to visit a physical bet shop or miss out on betting because such bookmakers are not available. By simply creating an account at an online cricket betting app or cricket betting sites in India, bets can be placed whenever and from wherever you wish.

In this introductory cricket betting guide, we will look at how online cricket betting works and how you can get started. Get familiar with common terms, check our recommended betting sites and start enjoying the benefits of cricket betting!

Pre-Match or Live Cricket Betting?

When betting online, there are two different times that bets can be placed. Firstly, bets can be placed before a match has started. Most bookmakers will allow for bets to be placed several days or even weeks in advance, especially for larger leagues. With pre-match betting, you can place your bets in advance and then enjoy the match without having to worry about anything else (apart from hoping your bets will win).

Additionally, you can opt for live cricket betting. With this, you will place bets live as the match is ongoing. This is a unique perk of online betting, with bets being available 24/7 and instantly. Thanks to the many online cricket betting apps and sites available on mobile, bets can be placed swiftly using your mobile phone while watching a match. Live betting can come with better odds as the match unfolds and adds an additional excitement to the action.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

When betting on cricket, you will place bets that all come with specific odds. These odds are determined based on other player bets and the predicted likelihood for an outcome to occur. Lower odds often mean a higher probability for a win, while higher odds can be more speculative but if you win, you win big.

Example: The odds for a specific team to win the match might be 1.54. This means that if you bet 1,000 Rupees and win the bet, you will get a payout of 1,540 Rupees (1,000 * 1.54).

The easiest and most common form of cricket betting is so-called 1X2 betting. Here you can bet that either the home team (1) or away team (2) will win, or that they will draw (X). Additionally, the best betting sites will have options to bet on more specific events and outcomes, including specific bets on various players or handicaps.

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How to Get Started with Online Cricket Betting in India

If you are a fan of cricket or just think it sounds fun to bet on these matches, it is luckily very easy to get started with online cricket betting. On this page, you will find a selection of good online bookmakers that offer cricket betting for Indian players. By signing up at one of them, you can get started already today.

  1. Sign up at an online bookmaker that offers cricket betting for Indian players
  2. Log in to your account and make a deposit
  3. Open the sportsbook and start placing bets

It is important to only sign up at bookmakers that allow Indian players. This is to ensure that you will be able to take part in bonuses and cash out any possible winnings. Most often, you will get a welcome bonus when signing up, so you can use this for your initial bets.

Cricket Betting Tips Online

If you are new to the sport of cricket or the act of online sports betting, it can be good to get some help in the beginning. Luckily, there are many bookmakers and other websites that offer free cricket betting tips. These can be tips on which matches to pay attention to or who to bet on, based on current cricket betting predictions.

In addition to the cricket betting tips of the day that you can find at several websites, we want to offer some general tips for cricket betting:

  1. Start by placing 1X2 bets to get used to the act of betting on the sport
  2. Follow your head and not your heart; sometimes you might have to bet against your favourite team
  3. Play responsibly and don’t bet for more money than you can afford to lose

How we Find the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

On this page, you can find some online cricket betting sites that we recommend you to check out. These are all safe betting sites that accept Indian players. We thoroughly review many bookmakers available online and only recommend the very best. At the same time, we want to give you a few options to choose from as we know all players have different preferences. For more information about the sportsbooks, you can read our reviews.

Cricket Betting Apps

In addition to the betting sites available online, many bookmakers release online cricket betting apps. While some players prefer to play on mobile via their browser, others prefer dedicated apps. Therefore, many bookmakers have developed apps specifically for sports betting. The best cricket betting apps come with dedicated options for cricket betting and helpful tips and boosted odds. Some bookmakers that offer an app are LeoVegas and PariMatch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cricket Betting Sites in India

We hope that this cricket betting guide has given you a good introduction to the world of online cricket betting. To close off, here are some frequently asked questions related to the sport and cricket betting sites in India.

Is cricket betting legal in India?

There are no federal laws that forbid the act of betting online. Players from India can enjoy cricket betting as long as they sign up at online bookmakers that accept Indian players.

How to win in cricket betting?

In order to win, you have to place bets on the correct outcomes. Try to follow daily betting tips and keep up to date on player and team news. By playing it smart, your bet might win, but less predictable bets will pay more if they land.

What is back and lay in cricket betting?

Back and lay betting is the act of betting on an event to happen (back) or not happen (lay). This means that you can for example bet on Chennai Super Kings to win the match, or for them to not win the match.

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