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As I’ve been testing and playing at many online casinos, I found that depositing might be an issue. Here’s a quick guide to understand a bit more about Deposits & Online Casinos

When playing Real money games at the online casinos, You will need to deposit money in order to but in the bets. Maybe you like me, wants to play andar bahar. How do you deposit money?

The most popular way to Deposit when playing Real money games is by far Net Banking. It works very smooth and most of the trusted casinos offer that method.

My preferred method is PayTM, and as with Net Banking, PAyTM can be found at most of our trusted casino sites. These two methods and brands are of course well known by the Indian players. However there are alternatives that might pop up when you’re doing your deposit.

E-wallets are very popular worldwide by people who play for Real money online. It acts like a holder for your cash, and it’s easy to exchange between currencies to make sure that you make the most out of any bonus offer that appears.

What E-wallets can I trust in India?


Using a trusted E-wallet can have a lot of benefits over using a credit card as they adds an extra layer of security. Depositing and withdrawals from the listed e-wallets is a breeze. I encourage you to check them out!

In conclusion, As long as you choose your casino wisely you shouldn’t have any issues with your deposit or withdrawal in any way. The support is always friendly and will make sure that you feel safe!

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