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As we play more and more online, I’m happy to see casinos in India offering Real Money Teen Patti Online. As a fan of the game, I’m happy to finally be able to play it online and win real money. Read more below to learn more about Teen Patti Online.

Teen Patti is one of the most popular Indian Card games. It’s also known under the name “flash” or “flush”. It’s a simplified form of 3 card poker and is designed to be a fast paced game

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Teen Patti – How to play

Teen patti is a game played by at least three players. However, up to 6 people can play at the same time. one regular 52-card pack is used without the jokers.

Before the cards are dealt the bets are placed. Teen Patti often has fixed amounts of bets that the players can choose from. When the bets are placed, three cards are dealt to each players face down.

How to bet

Next step is to “call” or “raise”. The terms means the same in Teen Patti as in other games of poker. There is a small quirk; All players in Teen Patti needs to have their bets in the same amount for the game to proceed. This adds an element of tactics when it comes to raising the stakes. To explain it more clear; When a player bets 3 coins and player 2 bets 6 coins. Player 1 needs to add 6 coins on top of the 3 he already betted.

This helps to raise the cash amounts of the rounds, I would say this is one of the main reasons why Teen Patti is one of the most popular games in India at the moment.


The Goal is to have the best 3 card hand and when you think that you’re the one around the table. Make sure to raise the pot as much as you can before the round ends.

The rank of cards is Aces high and 2 beeing the lowest.

Teen Patti Rankings of hand

Trails or Set;

Highest poosible hand is three Aces, followed by three kings.

Example: ♥A ♦A ♠A

Straight Flush

Getting three consecutive card from the same suite

Example: ♥A ♥K ♥Q or ♥A ♥2 ♥3

Note that Aces double as 1


3 cards of the same suite without being in sequence

Example: ♥K ♥10 ♥6


Two of the same value. If two players have pairs, the value decides the winner.

Example: ♥A ♠A ♣10

High Card

If you can’t get cards in the same sequence or the same suit. Your hopes are to the highest card. Hopefully you’ve already cut your losses and floded before showing this hand.

Example: ♥A ♥K ♣10

Where to play Real Money Teen Patti Online

Most Online Casinos in India has Live Teen Patti dealers where you can play for real money. Read our reviews to find your favourite and where you can make the most out of the welcome offers. As the interest from indian players goes up. More and more Casinos are looking into traditional Indian Card games. Hopefully, this development will continue.

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