TV & Streaming Guide for Sports in India

Do you want to keep up with the latest sports events in India and internationally? Then check out our sports TV guide for all the latest, upcoming matches!

How to Use Our TV & Streaming Guide

In the sports TV guide above, you can browse upcoming events and matches from major leagues. See what is going on today, this week or even next month. We let you know where the game is being played and at what time (shown in GMT+1) as well as where you can watch/stream it from.

Of course, our sports TV guide is not only a list of events that will happen. We also gather odds from our recommended sports betting sites, such as 1xBet, so that you can bet ahead of or during the games. See the current odds available and instantly sign up at the sportsbook if you haven’t already.

What if there are several matches at once?

On some days you might see that several matches are played at the same time – either in different sports or simply several teams in the same league at once. By looking at where the matches are being streamed, you can make a setup where you have one game playing on your television and another one on your laptop, for example.

Stream Your Favourite Sports

Virat Kohli, Cricket TV Guide

The Spindiabet streaming guide lists sports in India and major, international events. Browse all sports at once or use our sports filters to only show your favourite sport(s). You can filter by popular sports such as football, cricket, fighting, motorsports and more. This is also shown in the symbol on the left (underneath the match time).

Cricket Television Guide

If you filter by cricket only, you can get a full cricket TV guide of upcoming matches. Here you can for example see matches from the England tour of India. You can also easily see when the match is being played and where to view it – such as on Star Sports 1 or Hotstar.

How to Bet on the Matches

If you want to make the matches even more fun, you can bet on them. This can be done from any Indian sportsbook, but we have some recommended betting sites

  1. Find your preferred online betting site from our list
  2. Read our review or simply click “Play now”
  3. Fill in your registration details to create an account
  4. Add your payment details
  5. Make a first deposit and start betting!

Once you’ve signed up on the betting site and completed your first deposit, you can bet for real money. This will make the matches even more fun as in addition to your team winning, you can also win big!

There are two different ways to bet: Either before a match or live, during the match.

Pre-match betting

If you don’t plan on watching the match in question or want to watch it without any distractions, you can start out with pre-match betting. This is simply the act of betting on the outcome of a match (or other possible events) before the game starts.

The odds available will be based on prior outcomes, current players, projections and more. 

Live betting

Live betting is the act of placing bets during a live match. Anything can happen and sometimes the unexpected results in some very favourable odds. With live betting, you can place bets on very specific details or probabilities that unfold during the match. If you have some guts or think you know what will happen, then you can win big by betting live.

Of course, you can combine the two types of betting. Place some bets prior to the game and then add some more as the match progresses for the best of both worlds.